Welcome to the Dental Marketing: Find Your Voice Book Bonus Page! This page is meant to be a resource for you to download forms and spreadsheets that are either included in the book itself, or resources that compliment content within the book! Please check back often as this section will continue to grow with more content and resources that will help you Brand, Market, and measure ROI for your Dental Organization!

Find Your Voice

Your Brand is your Voice! Here you will find resources to help you Find Your Voice!

Use Your Voice

Looking for resources to help you take your Voice to the masses? Your Media Planning and Buying Resources are here!

Listen to the Crowd

Close the loop with ROI measuring tools to measure how effective your marketing efforts are!

Find Your Voice Resources

  • Brand Story Worksheet
    “ A signature story is an intriguing, authentic, involving narrative with a strategic message that clarifies or enhances the brand, the customer relationship, the organization, and/or the business strategy. It is a strategic asset that enables […]

Use Your Voice Resources

  • Learning Style Worksheet
    An essential piece to any communication strategy, is understanding HOW your desired audience prefers to receive their information! You can talk until you’re “Blue in the Face”, but if your learner prefers a more “hands […]

Listen to the Crowd Resources

  • ROI Tracking Spreadsheet
    An essential piece to closing the loop on your Marketing and Advertising efforts is to measure the Return on Investment from those efforts. As you are learning in Dental Marketing: Find Your Voice, there are many ways to track your ROI, but the idea […]