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This is where it all begins! Dental Marketing: Find Your Voice is the where your Dental Marketing learning journey begins! Get your copy TODAY!

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So, What is Dental Marketing: Find Your Voice?

Dental Marketing: Find Your Voice is a book written by Michael Fleming that shares his knowledge, personal experience, and stories in hopes of educating Dental professionals how to best market their Dental Practice! Michael has over 13 years of experience helping dental practices and dental organizations market themselves to their desired audiences! Learn what these successful organizations are doing to continually grow their business!








Now Available Directly From The Publisher!

The printed version of Dental Marketing: Find Your Voice is finally formatted and ready to ship to you! You can buy now directly from the publisher and Find Your Voice today!







Finally...someone who actually understands YOU!

Have you ever been at a party and someone asks you what you do for a living? When you respond with, "I'm in Dental Marketing...", do you get a weird look, and awkward smile...and the conversation ends there?

Compare that to the convention where you connect with a fellow Dental Marketer from across the country, and the two of you chat for 3 hours about the similarities and differences that both your organizations share!

There are a lot of us out there...and we all LOVE to share what we do! In addition...we all have a LOT to learn!

What if we could all learn form each other! As we all know...this is a commodity business...and there is room for ALL of us in the market! How nice would it be to be part of a community that mentors and educates you and celebrates your experience and tribal knowledge?

Welcome to!