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  • Creating Certainty from Chaos
    Do you ever feel overwhelmed at work? Do you ever feel disconnected from your staff? Do you ever feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done? In today’s episode of Find Your Voice, join Michael Fleming as he talks about how you can turn Chaos into Certainty for both you […]
  • Protect Your Business, Protect Your Logins
    Ever forget your login and password for a certain social media platform, and just reset your password because you can’t remember it? What about forgetting login and password for a certain website? Just jump into Google Passwords and get it…right? Yes! Until you can’t! In this episode, join Michael Fleming as he talks about the […]
  • Are You Planning to Fail?
    Do you have a successful business plan in place? Is it successful? Is it successful month in and month out? And on those months that aren’t so good… Do you ever make adjustments? Of course you do! But are these the right adjustments? Join Michael Fleming today as he talks about removing emotion from your […]
  • Find What Your Patient Wants…and Give it to Them!
    As we continue to grow our business, we are always looking for ways to add value to our customers, so that they, in turn, will buy more from us and add value to our business! In today’s episode of Find Your Voice, Michael Fleming takes advice he learned from Temple University founder, Russell H. Conwell, […]
  • Using empathy to resolve conflict
    Have you had an employee test positive for COVID-19? Did you have a COVID exposure at your workplace? Did you have guidelines in place to help you navigate these incidents? And better yet…did everyone agree that those guidelines were sufficient to maintain a healthy workplace? Join Michael Fleming as he discusses best practices on how […]
  • What Will I Manifest Today
    Are you setting record revenue goals? Are your relationships at work as healthy as they have ever been? In this episode of Find You Voice, We discover the power of manifestation, and how you can leverage this phenomenon to greater health, greater relationships, and greater wealth for your business!
  • Knowledge vs. Wisdom
    What does knowledge mean to you? That being said, what does wisdom mean to you? Do you know the difference? In this episode, not only do we talk about the difference between knowledge and wisdom, but we talk about how this difference can accelerate positive change in your life!
  • What Are You Known For?
    Do you have aspirations of becoming successful in your current field? Or maybe your current field isn’t fulfilling, and you’re looking to spread your wings in another area? In this episode, we take a look at what you are currently known for… And also start to look at what do you want to be known […]
  • Think Outside The Box So You Can Live Outside The Box
    Has anyone ever told you, “why do you always need to be right”? Or maybe you have been telling a story to a small group of people, and they start to excuse themselves one by one until you are left telling your story to your half-deaf aunt? Today’s podcast talks about how can we include […]
  • Creation Is The Secret To Life!
    So many of us are on a continuing path to (self) discovery, but how many of us are contributing to the other end of the frequency...creation! That’s right...the secret to life is creation, but many of us hold off on creating anything because we are afraid how it will be received. In today’s episode, we […]
  • Becoming Thankful
    In this episode of Find Your Voice, join Michael Fleming as he shares his message of Gratitude this Holiday Season!
  • Enthusiasm
    Have you ever had a day where you had a hard time getting started? Or how about a day where you were shot out of a cannon? The power of Enthusiasm is a critical part of how you can control your state of energy! In this episode, we talk about both the power of enthusiasm, […]
  • COVID-19 Re-Entry: Transforming Fear Into Empowerment
    Originally titled: “What You Should Be Doing NOW To Prepare For Re-Entry: Focus on Staff”, this episode will help you address the fears and concerns that your staff currently have regarding their return to work during the tail end of the COVID-19 Pandemic. I’ve packaged this episode with the downloadable “Team Result Worksheets” so you […]
  • What You Should Be Doing NOW To Prepare For Re-Entry - Focus on Patients
    As the infection curve of COVID-19 continues its downward trajectory and State governments look to reopen their economies, it’s time to make sure you are preparing your staff for what Re-Entry looks like for your practice! If you’re assuming that everyone on your staff is just going to show up on a beckoned call and […]
  • Keeping Your Head Right!
    How are you doing? COVID-19 has most of us sheltered-in-place, and that means a new reality for us! On top of that, the news keeps showing messages of doomsday and sickness! Have you been sucked into this riptide of emotion? You’re not alone! It’s easy to get pulled into this negativity...but with a little bit […]
  • Don’t Give Up Yet...Your Country Needs You!
    I recorded this back on March 18th...and its just as relevant for you over a month later! There have been a tremendous amount of dental practices that have shuttered their doors during this pandemic, and it has left a lot of patients feeling abandoned! Please consider reaching out to your patients to let them know […]
  • Improving Communication With Your Team
    Do you ever feel like you’re standing on Mars and the rest of your staff is standing on Venus? Do you wonder why you’re not effectively communicating with your teammates? In this episode of Find Your Voice, we talk about Improving Communication With Your Team, And how this will help create Harmony in your organization!
  • The Secret Is In The Algorithm
    Have you ever solved a Rubik’s Cube puzzle? If not, have you ever wondered HOW people are able to do it? Better they can do it so fast? The answer lies in its Algorithm! And just like the Rubik’s Cube, your organization has a series of Algorithms that are currently installed and running! In […]